Piedmont Triad Canned Food Drive

by NC Food Bank Directory
Created Mar 14, 2022 | Lexington, NC
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Our intent is to take advantage of bulk purchasing to get the best possible pricing and deliver as much food as possible. We like to purchase a good mix of canned vegetables and fruits.

NC Food Bank Directory quarterly canned food drive benefiting the Piedmont Triad area of Notrth Carolina. Our Directory is growing. We curently publish listings for the Triangle Area, Piedmont Triad area, and Chrlotte metro Area of NC. We run a campaign for each area quarterly. This crowdfunding campaign benefits the Piedmont Triad area. We will pull three food and homeless ministries out of a hat and purchase canned food in bulk and distribute evenly to the three ministries that were chosen. Our goal is to deliver at least 1000 cans of food to each location. Depending on current pricing and campaign participation, that number may be a little more than 1000 cans or a little les

100% of the proceeds of this campaign will be used to purchase and deliver canned food to the recipients.

We will publish proof of delivery on our website each quarter.
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